Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rising Stars - Young Kato

The Lead singer of Young Kato and I!
'What an odd little name' I thought when I began my monthly trawl through various Spotify indie playlists...'maybe I'll take a listen, they sound intriguing, i suppose'. It's fair to say I didn't have the highest hopes or even a slight inclination that this obscure band, swept up for the humble cobbles of Cheltenham, would have an impact on me what. so. ever.

How wrong I was.

 Just little over a month later, this band became an obsession for me. I began squealing when they favourited my tweets and each time I heard their songs I started to feel the ever-so-slight tingle of goosebumps. A unstoppable grin would spread upon my face when 'Drink, Dance, Play' shuffled on my iPod. Their music simply bursts with energy!

These infectious, and dare i say, 'poppin' lyrics about just having a good time and enjoying youth, will provide a perfect soundtrack to any summer rave- whether that be sipping mojitos in the sunny space of a garden party, or even at a house party with everyone jumping from sofa to sofa. So c'mon, gear up and get ready to jump.

Verdict: A hot new band, who certainly deserves a place on your summer playlist. Think refreshing lemonade with a hearty kick of pomegranate

Recommended Songs: Drink Dance Play, Break Out, Something Real

Status: ON TOUR (tickets still available)

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