Sunday, 12 May 2013

Indie Fix - Find Some PEACE

'We spit blood at the sun, we spit blood in the ocean'- The wonderfully nonsensical  lyrics are awfully indulgent. Think creased blazers and grungy laced boots; expensive fur coats worn with beanies and gaudy hoops. This is 21st century anarchy- Peace style.

For those painful sundays cooped up revising (I am referring to my own pain here) there is but one band that can drag my out of my deep funk...Introducing PEACE everyone! These rangy haired rockers, with droopy eyes and paisley shirts, might just be your band of 2013. They may not look the part, but *gawd* give them a chance (you will not regret it). 

Any fans Of Made In Chelsea will know them well, their gorgeously crafted debut In Love is a regular play on the show, but don't believe that these boys are in any way affiliated with the 'posh-tosh' crowd of Kensington and Chelsea (dahlinggg), they are true brummies at heart. Peace are one of the few decent indie bands, in recent years, to have emerged from the urban wilderness of Birmingham (close to my beloved hometown), spewing deliciously silly lyrics about past loves, loss and hope. With talent like this, they will surely take this year by storm.

Listening to their 2012 release 'Bloodshake' (music video above), the moment lead Harrison begins uttering those sensual lyrics.. 'from the belly of the jungle, to the bottom of the sea' I can guarantee you will be seduced, love. Any fans of Foals, Wu Lyf or The Maccabees should definitely take a listen; this is weekend escapism at it's pinnacle.  

Verdict: To those already searching for mellow summer tunes, to lazily chill to, I implore you to take a generous scoop from this pot of trancy, transient indie decadence. Think zesty lime and lemon sorbet, with a cheeky twist of melon.

Recommended songs: Delicious, Follow Baby, Wraith, Drain, Bloodshake

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